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Hivetalk offers an affordable alternative to expensive custom intranets, and can be up and running in just four weeks.

Hivetalk provides a flexible base for organisations looking to invest in an intranet. Whether WordPress or Umbraco, the platform has been designed from the ground up to support a range of corporate processes, with the option to add new features and integrate existing functionality, such as Active Directory, HR systems or CRM software.

A successful intranet should be packed with engaging features, promote collaboration and transform productivity. Hivetalk combines all of this into a sustainable platform that makes a difference.

Our goal with Hivetalk was to create a business improvement tool that works for organisations of every budget, drawing on our experience of developing and deploying intranets over the past 15 years.

Businesses aren’t stand-alone entities: In every organisation, there are components that must work together in order to drive things forward. By bringing those parts together, whether it’s individuals, teams, departments or offices, business can move in the right direction.

Increased engagement is proven to boost creative commitment, allowing you to reap the rewards of smarter working.

Hivetalk strikes a delicate balance between communication, process and collaboration to make an intranet essential to your company. A collaborative culture is built on reliable information exchange.

Hivetalk screenshot
Hivetalk homepage

Engage your staff

  • comments, polls and questionnaires
  • post updates to a central noticeboard
  • display your latest KPIs
  • view key events
  • offer remote support

Improve information flow

  • shared staff directories and user profiles
  • search document repositories
  • publish articles and announcements
  • filter content
  • add corporate social media feeds

Streamline processes

  • set up workflows and authorisations
  • create digital forms e.g. expenses forms
  • produce reports that highlight impact and issues
  • complete control over publishing

Personalise the experience

  • quick links
  • corporate branding
  • layout choices
  • targeted news
  • simple content creation

Futureproof your intranet

  • full transparency
  • integrate existing systems
  • link up to Active Directory
  • expand your CMS

Hivetalk is the perfect catalyst for change – improving internal communications, reducing overheads and transforming corporate culture.

Whatever your vision, Hivetalk is business improvement made easy.

We’ve learned how businesses work and how to build an indispensable intranet. Our approach ensures that content is targeted to each user – keeping the experience wholly relevant to user needs.

Hivetalk offers an engaging responsive design that adapts to the user’s device and screen size – allowing them to accomplish tasks anywhere, any time, on any device.

We can also provide expert training so teams have the knowledge they need to ensure seamless adoption.

Hivetalk partners

  • FirstArk
  • S4C

If you would like to find out more about Hivetalk, download the PDF below. If you’re ready to start your journey – connect with us.

You can call the team on 0151 282 4321, or email