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Our solution

In order to deliver powerful functionality in a cost-effective package, we implemented our new intranet platform, Hivetalk, for the commission. The out-of-the-box nature of Hivetalk allowed us to get First Ark’s intranet up and running quickly, with a range of features perfectly suited to the organisation’s objectives.

First Ark’s main requirement was for the intranet to be powered by WordPress, allowing the team to introduce new functionality easily with no supplier tie-in.

As we have replaced an existing platform, it is important that the new intranet reflects the changing needs of First Ark’s corporate processes.

Enhanced user journeys

During the project’s card sort workshop, we developed a clear and accessible platform supported by a contemporary user interface that optimises key journeys, with user-friendly navigation enabling the site to maximise engagement.

The finalised intranet is clean and accessible, with low maintenance overheads – efficiently serving First Ark’s needs and offering added value. The rich branding capabilities of Hivetalk enabled us to communicate First Ark’s mission and values to all employees, helping to create a more cohesive, successful communication channel.

The intranet’s dynamic homepage allows staff to react in real time to news and events happening in the organisation. This level of flexibility is maximised through a set of versatile templates housed within the back end of WordPress.

With a responsive design, staff can access the intranet via desktop, mobile or tablet, allowing them to complete tasks anywhere, at any time.

Street Guide

We developed a Street Guide for First Ark with a searchable listing of addresses tied to user profiles. Clicking on a street takes the user to a page where they can view the contact details for the employees assigned to that address. Approved users can edit the streets that they are responsible for.

Delivering accurate information to employees

First Ark’s intranet has a range of features, including:

  Staff directory with personal profiles     Document store     Consultation tools     Information hub     Events calendar

  User-directed search     Social noticeboard     Personalised quick links     Commenting and page rating   •  Forms and polls

First Ark’s vision for the intranet was an easy-to-access focal point for all information requirements, with powerful search functionality enabling employees to find what they need quickly. The organisation has a raft of important documents which employees need quick access to, so we implemented a speedy, searchable document store with filters (such as category and date) and a feed to display the latest documents. Downloads are supported by analytics, allowing staff to identify which documents are downloaded the most.

The final product is a friendly and engaging environment for staff to share knowledge and collaborate.

The results

In a short space of time, we designed, built and delivered a digital one-stop-shop for First Ark. The platform delivers on our promise of improved navigation, forward-thinking design and enhanced functionality.

The intranet acts as a central tool for staff to understand processes, providing clarity and fielding questions and feedback from across the organisation. Since launch, First Ark has been taking full advantage of Hivetalk’s social tools to improve internal collaboration:

•  550 registered users

  20,000+ sessions

•  160,000+ page views

•  35,000 unique searches

•  An average of 7 pages per visit, per user

•  20% of users visiting via mobile/tablet

“We wanted our new intranet to be eye-catching, practical and in line with our brand. Connect delivered an exceptional product, which has not only improved the functionality of the site, but also our two-way employee engagement levels, helped by the introduction of social capability and the interactive nature of the platform. Connect were fantastic to work with, providing a high quality and professional service.”

– First Ark