Content that generates traffic is great, but content that converts – increasing leads and sales is even better.

Content serves many purposes, one of which is to drive organic traffic to a website.

But that shouldn’t be your end goal. Is it enough to have popular content, even if it doesn’t convert into leads?

Whatever your goal actually is: signups, sales, lead generation or another call-to-action – your content needs to support it.

Writing compelling content

Content created with SEO in mind is a good start. But how do you create content that isn’t just stuffed with keywords, but genuinely meaningful?

There are many resources to determine the questions that need to be answered in your industry. Pick one, then take a look at the kind of questions being put forward and the solutions offered up, and then put your spin on things.

A particularly handy resource is Google’s Keyword Planner. What words and phrases are people searching for?

Then pair this with a Google search. Are questions being answered by anybody?

Think about what’s working now, and follow the lead.

Don’t forget the little details

One of the more common mistakes see, especially in blog posts, is images that are not fully optimised.

If you use a content management system, there are plugins that will help you with this.

Another issue is thin content. What if you don’t write enough content, and Google thinks it’s too thin to be meaningful? Always aim to write 300+ words for each published post. And remember, don’t duplicate! If it’s been said, don’t say it again.

Convert, convert, convert

Once you’ve created and optimised your content and it’s generating traffic, it’s important to evaluate how that content is performing.

The first step to understanding how content is performing is to ensure you have set up scalable goals in your analytics. Once goals are set in place and your content starts picking up organic traffic, you’ll need to monitor whether this traffic is also completing your set goals.

It’s not enough to just create and optimise content; you have to ensure that it converts. In the end, your content needs to work for you in more ways than one. You’ve made an investment, now make it pay off to its fullest. Your eye should always be on conversion.

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