Yes, you heard us correctly: SEO isn’t just about keeping Google happy. Google SEO

It’s fairly standard to invest all of your time into pleasing one particular search engine, but this is a limited, and somewhat naive approach. The truth is, SEOs need to investigate other traffic-generating routes that don’t rely upon Google’s knowledge and power.

Ideally, you should take time to delve into the world of search marketing, and help drive growth through a variety of tested methods.

Perhaps the biggest change to SEO in recent years has been the emergence of social media. What do Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter have in common? They drive huge amounts of traffic out of Google’s reach.

Facebook is the leading social network for outgoing traffic. According to SimilarWeb traffic stats, Facebook sent more than 3.5 billion desktop visits to other websites throughout January. That’s over 1.5 billion more desktop visits than Twitter.

In mid-February, after months of testing, Google debuted a new layout for its SERPs, with four paid ads now taking pride of place the top of the search engine results page.

With four paid ads taking top billing, Google has effectively set itself up in the enviable position of being able to control 80% of the results above the fold. This scenario raises many questions, but the most intriguing concerns the impact the change will have on the organic results CTR.

We all want to be in a position where our site places first when searching on Google, but the landscape has changed, and associated processes are more difficult than ever before.

We have discussed many times that times are changing in SEO, and the signs point towards social mirroring the role of Google. This, of course, could be misconstrued as repeating the mistake of undermining diversification. Instead, it underlines the need to choose your tactics carefully and the importance of preparing to target a number of different traffic sources. Google SEO

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