We create compelling app experiences by combining quality design with robust, scalable systems. We develop for iOS and Android using the Cordova and Xamarin development frameworks.

We build apps that are designed to serve, providing bespoke experiences that users want to return to. By following design best practices, we are able to deliver contemporary user interfaces with streamlined navigation and clear view content. Our apps are accessible from any device, maximising your reach and allowing you to engage with users wherever they are.

We believe development demands clarity, particularly when it comes to detailing functionality. With a strategy and concept outlined, we call upon our experience to provide feedback on what will work and what won’t. Our iterative approach encourages flexible and efficient workflows. Our apps extend beyond the screen to give users unique, interactive experiences backed by the latest programming standards.

We start the process with an interactive prototype that allows us to discuss design choices and functionality. When the path is clear, we analyse different styles to determine how your app progresses. Then we spark the magic by creating a visual design that stays true to your brand identity and guidelines. We believe it’s important to let an app evolve over time, allowing users to influence development, with possibilities arising as a result.

Our designers believe form and function should work together to produce a user interface that anticipates people’s needs and helps them achieve their goals. We treat interfaces and interactions with just as much weight as visual design and information architecture.

With the number of devices with different screen sizes, OS versions and hardware changes ever-growing, it is important to test how an app will work in different environments. We test across a range of devices – covering a mix of Android and Apple handsets. Our apps won’t make it to the App Store or Play Store until they have gone through rigorous testing.

Launching an app requires careful monitoring and attention, especially as real users jump on board. Your app needs to work perfectly from day one, then maintain the same level of performance throughout. After launch, our monitoring systems make sure that users don’t experience hiccups, and we can enable Google Analytics for your app so you can monitor performance with ease.

Using the Xamarin framework, for example, we are able to cut the cost of developing a cross-platform solution without compromising on quality. Xamarin provides a perfect solution to differentiated development by allowing for the delivery of separate apps with a shared codebase, minimising support time and increasing quality.

NHS Education for Scotland's Cognitive Rehabilitation in Dementia app home screen
NHS Education for Scotland's Cognitive Rehabilitation in Dementia app displayed on iPad and iPhone devices


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