From initiation through to launch, we are the ideal partner to help you build an intranet or extranet that transforms business through user adoption and engagement. We understand the way people work today, and appreciate the importance of mobility for universal task completion.
Our intranet & extranet solutions are based upon best practice principles – delivering information in a format users can digest, irrespective of their location.
Whether you’re planning a new intranet development or an extranet upgrade, we ensure a smooth transition and seamless integration with your existing architecture and management processes.
Already have an intranet or extranet in place, but not happy with its performance? We can enhance the functionality of any existing intranet or extranet solution, bringing in key processes, such as payroll, reservations, booking and HR systems.
We’ve been building these platforms since our inception, and when done right, they transform business output. Let us show you how it’s done.





At the heart of every intranet or extranet is a people directory, with the ability to find, connect and collaborate with colleagues or members. Documents can be shared, with amendments and conversations kept in one place – ideal for clients working on a particular project across multiple locations.
Our task is to provide the right information architecture for your organisation, so that staff can intuitively and quickly find and access the information they need.
Training and support can be provided to ensure that staff take to your new solution with ease. The flexibility of our platforms means that the information architecture is scalable and adapts to your requirements.
Today’s intranets & extranets are no longer accessed purely by desktop users. Users expect to be able to connect and collaborate via mobile – allowing access without being tied to a corporate network.
Our intranets and extranets are designed from the ground up to work across a range of devices and browsers.
Our mobile approach to responsive design ensures that the features that are critical to your business are available on a range of mobile devices, with enhancements matched on desktop.
Your intranet or extranet will offer a striking and engaging design that adapts to the user’s device and screen size – allowing them to accomplish tasks with ease. Dynamically-adjusted content will ensure the smallest possible footprint and rapid response times.




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