Our support and maintenance service desk provides a direct line for clients who need ongoing care and support. Much more than a reactive workflow, our team proactively monitor performance, review data and work tirelessly to help your assets achieve peak performance.
Your website is a vital part of your reputation, and in many cases business-critical. A website should evolve organically, with support and maintenance working to keep it secure, up-to-date and functional.
Whether you’re the webmaster of a single-page site, or a complex platform spanning multiple subdomains, we’re here to assist and support you – helping you to make decisions concerning your digital presence.
We help our clients build and achieve their objectives. We’re not the kind of agency that farms out work, nor do we sub-contract to freelancers. Everyone who interacts with your platform is part of our team, and that’s how it will stay.
We take a long haul approach to support – working with you throughout your project’s lifecycle. Our clients rely on us, and many have been working with us for a number of years.
Big or small, there are many tasks and tweaks that fall under a typical support contract, but here’s just a few examples: template changes, image optimisation, database administration, routine backups, plugin integration, CMS guidance, content edits, user management, search engine optimisation, social strategy, analytics reporting and general housekeeping.
Our support and maintenance services offer much more than a standard maintenance agreement – adding real value for growing enterprises.



When you sign-up to a support and maintenance contract with us, you decide how much support time you’re likely to require, then we let you know what’s involved on the technical side and how much of your support time it will take to complete the work. We only proceed once you’ve given us the go ahead. This way, you control exactly how your support time is spent.
We’ll send you a monthly report detailing how your support time has been used and how much remains. As with all our work, any support work we do for you will be fixed free of charge if problems arise within 45 days of delivery.
How much development work can we do in an hour? More than you may think, actually. That’s plenty of time to update banners, add posts, tweak a plugin, amend colours or enable social sharing. To keep things really simple, we keep an accurate record of how much time we’ve spent at work, and how much of your allotted time you’ve used on a specific task. You’re in impartial and reliable hands with us.



Have you ever made changes to your site that haven’t worked out? Or wanted to revert back to an older version of your theme but haven’t had a backup to hand?
Source control is a perfect safety net for situations like this. It’s a system that tracks changes and stores information on who changed what and when.
We use source control via GitLab for our projects because of its intuitive UI, two-factor authentication and the fact it’s self-hosted, which is crucial for our security considerations.

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