When it comes to identifying the ideal content management system for your new website, WordPress ticks many boxes: scalable, reliable, secure and both user and search engine friendly.

Before you begin your WordPress journey, it is important to have an understanding of what you are hoping to achieve. With this, we can work to design and build a site you can be proud of.

We have over 10 years’ experience in configuring WordPress to our customer’s requirements, allowing us to create a solid foundation for them to build upon.

Looking to raise awareness or improve understanding of your organisation? Improve uptake of online resources or tools? Increase sign-ups or e-commerce sales? Whatever your vision, we can help you achieve your objectives with ease.

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We have been working with WordPress since 2009, blending the latest technologies with the power of the system to create truly memorable experiences.

By using our own responsive design framework, we support the evolving needs of mobile users. Our solutions deliver the same rewarding experience on desktop as on mobile, allowing you to engage both sets of users concurrently.

If your website is hosted by us, we apply updates at a time that suits you, taking the stress out of maintenance and keeping your assets safe and secure. This effective combination makes WordPress the perfect all-round framework for building, managing and scaling your online portfolio.

Over the past 15 years, WordPress has earned its place as the web’s leading content management system:

•  WordPress is open source software. There are no license fees to pay, and YOU own your content and data

•  Its user-friendly interface makes managing content simple and fast, and is quick to learn for less technically-minded users

•  It’s developed and maintained by a large, active community who regularly add new functionality to benefit users

•  WordPress has built a reputation for being search engine friendly, ensuring your website is found by searchers

•  Over 450 million websites are powered by WordPress

•  The platform holds a 60% share of the content management system market

•  There are close to 50,000 plugins available to help expand your website

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