We’ve touched on this before, but it’s more important today than ever before. Here are our top 5 reasons for moving to HTTPS:

  1. For your user’s privacy
    HTTPS encrypts the requests and responses made between your site and your users – protecting them from a range of security threats, such as man-in-the-middle attacks which allow people to monitor private activity.
  2. Gain trust & improve conversions
    HTTPS helps instill trust with those that care about their security. This is especially important for those with EV certificates that signpost their details.
  3. Avoid the dreaded ‘Page not secure’ warning
    Pages with logins, password inputs, cards details & other sensitive forms will let users know if the site they’re using isn’t totally secure. Do you really want potential customers to be put off before they’ve even signed up?
  4. Get a healthy ranking boost from Google
    Google is a BIG advocate for the protocol and sees it as a solid ranking factor. Implement HTTPS for your site, and chances are you’ll find your site has jumped up a spot or two on Google’s results pages.
  5. Chase the need for speed
    HTTP/2 is only available over HTTPS. Want to see the real world difference? Visit: https://www.httpvshttps.com/

Convinced? Looking to make the move ASAP? Connect with us, we can get you started in no time.

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