Dulux interactive video
We have reached a point where almost every major brand is turning to video marketing to help boost their digital profile and increase sales, but how can producers navigate through the crowd and create content that truly stands out? It’s simple: interactive video.

The chances are that on any tube, train or bus journey you take, at least half of your fellow travelers will be fixed to their phone. After all, 50% of online video is now viewed whilst we’re on the move.

In fact, mobile video consumption is growing at such an incredible rate, ReelSEO predicts it will account for 72% of all mobile traffic by 2019.

Utilising tech-savvy devices to interact with knockout video content isn’t such a big step change. We’re all used to swiping up, double-tapping and tilting to improve orientation. Surprising then that the majority of video is still produced and played out in a non-interactive linear format.

The technical capability is definitely there, but what’s changed? The web has, or at least the way it’s written has. 2014 brought the evolution of HTML5, and with it came a shift in how code was written for video.

Dulux’s Explore Colour proved to be a big success. Filmed inside an apartment, the walls, pictures, staircase and even people’s clothing became clickable samples of colour.

Choosing a colour presented users with a mood board selection of pictures featuring the colour of their choice. Users then had the option to click through and order a tester pot.

68% of the views for the campaign site came through mobile and tester pots sold out within the first week.

What’s most compelling about interactive video is the level of immersion you experience whilst watching interactive content.

The benefits speak volumes:

  • 67% of users will interact
  • Users will spend 3.5x longer viewing compared to a non-interactive video
  • An impressive 16%-48% click-through rate
  • 52% of views will come from mobile devices – perfect for those hoping to boost mobile viewership

With Facebook launching Canvas, a new platform that will allow users to interact with an ad or video by scrolling horizontally or vertically, interactivity looks set to take our content to the next level.

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