It can be difficult to get an intranet project off the ground, particularly if there are organisational obstacles to overcome.

To prove that an intranet is justified, rather than just ‘nice to have’, you need to demonstrate the return an intranet will bring to your business. Your greatest chance is with a strong business case.

Building an intranet comes at a cost; there is no hiding behind that, and when it comes to securing buy-in, cost can prove a sticking point.

Traditionally used to justify the cost of building or replacing an intranet, a business case will be the most valuable tool at your disposal during the early stages of the project.

This initial phase will uncover key challenges and opportunities and help you shape a justification for the project.

Remember, the digital workplace is constantly evolving, so we recommend that you spend time getting up to speed on what’s new in order to understand the capabilities that could unlock value in your organisation.

An effective business case will:

  • Outline the scope of the project, including resource, timings and budget
  • Define opportunities and the need for an intranet
  • Secure buy-in and user commitment
  • Ensure you gather the necessary support
  • Establish the value and return on investment


We have put together a series of tips to help those that are looking to invest in an intranet:

1) Focus on the end goal

Like any major project, one of the golden rules is to look at the end goal and keep it in mind throughout. Take the time to understand priorities, objectives and what your users really care about.

2) Define the opportunity

What unmet need could an intranet solve?

This step is designed to outline the current situation in your business and highlight untapped potential, or areas of improvement, that an intranet could clarify. The key is to understand the challenges and difficulties employees face on a day-to-day basis.

Top tip: a successful intranet addresses the needs of the whole business. Take the time to identify pain points: are you struggling to keep up with shared network drives? Losing track of version-controlled documents? Need to keep crucial forms in one central place?

3) Identify the benefits

An intranet can solve many challenges, so highlight those areas. These may include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Stronger collaboration
  • Reduced operational costs


From here, you should pinpoint the measure of value assigned to each objective.

4) Make recommendations and assess risks

It may seem counterintuitive to outline the ways a project could go wrong, however, it forms an important part of your case.

It is important to show that you have thought through the potential risks, and that the project can remain on track even if things go awry.

5) Establish a plan

It will support your case if you can set out a top-level overview of what the project will cover, including:

  • Timescales: estimated dates for sign-off, development, implementation and the launch of your intranet will help manage expectations.
  • Resource requirements and responsibilities: even if your project is being managed externally, there will be internal requirements that may hinder progress if not managed appropriately. Highlight who will be involved with the project, their role and the responsibilities they will have.


Your intranet team may already exist or you could be rebuilding after years of intranet neglect. Sometimes the most difficult step is figuring out who needs to be involved from the business to help discover your requirements and reshape content.

Building a compelling case

Intranet projects with a solid case at their foundation deliver greater return, are closer aligned with business objectives and are more likely to meet scope, stay within budget and be completed to the timescales set. Consideration will also support you in identifying the right solution to meet your needs.

Introducing Hivetalk

We have been building intranets for over 10 years; through our experience we have learned how to build an indispensable intranet that organisations actually enjoy using.

Our new solution, Hivetalk, is an affordable out-of-the-box intranet, offering technical excellence, innovation and real value for money.

Hivetalk provides a flexible base for organisations looking to invest in or replace an intranet. The business ready platform supports a wide range of corporate processes and open communication.

With a Hivetalk intranet, organisations can engage employees, improve information flow, streamline processes, aid discovery, celebrate successes and reduce operational overheads.

Powered by WordPress or Umbraco, your Hivetalk intranet can be up and running in just four weeks, with all features configured and ready to go.

Taking the next step

Do you need help getting your intranet project off the ground? We would be happy to help you.

Get in touch with us today for information about establishing productive digital workplace, Hivetalk or any intranet planning support.

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