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When it comes to technology, some are reluctant to change and some eagerly embrace new features. However, in business, it’s important to keep sight of the purpose of a tool or platform before incorporating fresh functionality. We can add as many bells and whistles as we like to a platform, but if it doesn’t perform its core job, why bother?

With our intranet solution, Hivetalk, we take a measured approach to launching, reviewing and updating the features that serve our customers. When deciding what to introduce or update, we look to identify if features support the requirements of the intranet, or if they’re just nice to have.

Below, we explore 7 things a corporate intranet must do in order to provide value, and the features and functionality that support common goals.

1. Get things done

Collaborative software should make processes more efficient and help users complete tasks. Whatever the goal: to search for staff, file an expenses claim, read the health & safety policy or schedule an event, users should be able to visit the intranet and achieve that goal.

2. Centred around user need

When it comes to intranets, you need to be conscious that what one user wants to achieve, won’t be the same as another. Identifying the key stakeholders for your intranet, and their needs, is fundamental to its success.

3. Encourage users to find content

At Connect, we work hard to create social intranets that serve relevant, useful content to users. Tailored content ensures users have a personalised experience, and helps to cast light on all areas of the platform.

4. Aligned with your objectives

Whether you’re at the start of your intranet journey or already have a system in place, invest time in drawing the connection between your business goals and the objectives for your intranet. This will ensure it delivers a return on investment and continues to be a valuable tool for your organisation.

Hivetalk is an affordable out-of-the-box intranet, offering technical excellence, innovation and real value for money. The solution provides a flexible base for organisations looking to invest in or replace an intranet.

5. Cater for mobile and remote users

Your workforce should be able to access the intranet anywhere, at any time, on any device. Ask yourself: What tasks will staff expect to be able to complete on mobile? How can we support them on-the-go?

Remote access plays a vital role in increasing engagement and uniting dispersed workers. In the digital workplace, accessible, flexible technology is a must.

5. Deliver a knockout user experience

Your intranet should provide value, and with that, tip-top performance. This means that both the speed and overall user experience should be things you take seriously.  For us, the user experience is a primary focus during the design and build. We take the time to understand what users will need and look for on the intranet, the journey they will take and how to make it accessible and intuitive.

6. Encourage users to get involved

As a collaborative platform, an intranet is ultimately for, and about, your staff – so encourage them to forge their own areas to communicate. Our platform, Hivetalk, allows users to create spaces quickly with no external involvement.

7. Shout about success

Make your intranet synonymous with successes; no matter how small these may be. With Hivetalk, you can quantify success by enabling a KPI widget on the homepage that displays your most important performance metrics.

KPI dashboard from Connect's Hivetalk intranet platform

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