As the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. We’re visual creatures at heart, with 90% of the information we take in coming from imagery.

All of the apps and websites we build are designed to perform a function. But beyond this, they’re engaging, exciting, and fun to use. Adding visual flare is a great way of making your platform not only more human, but also unique. A good impression isn’t just about usability, it’s also about personality.

An image can often convey more to the user than a block of text. Images have the power to make or break the user experience, and they can also cross barriers in a way text can’t.

But not every image can improve the experience, some just take up space or in the worst case, confuse the user.

You should select images that have a strong relationship with your objectives and ensure that they are relevant.

Size matters

You also need to make sure your images are appropriately sized for displays across all platforms. Images shouldn’t appear pixelated, so be sure to test resolution sizes for specific ratios and devices. Look to display graphics in their original aspect ratio, and don’t scale them greater than 100%.

Visual overload

Getting the user’s attention with aesthetically pleasing images has value, but it can come at the price of making other elements harder to see and use.

Putting too much focus on images might create visual overkill that can distract users from meaningful engagement.

The majority of apps and sites follow a balanced approach , with imagery supporting the product – not obscuring important content or overshadowing functionality.

Get your message across

Imagery is a visual communication tool that conveys your message. A clear focus communicates the concept at a glance, whereas a lack of focus makes the image meaningless.

Compelling images have a unique ability to inspire and engage your audience to provide useful information. So take the time to make every image in your app or site reinforce user experience.

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