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One in four Britons are planning to dramatically reduce their digital usage in 2016, according to research commissioned by digital marketing agency, Greenlight.

Following a number of high-profile detoxes, 25% of Brits will be taking a social sabbatical in order to concentrate on creative ventures, with many expressing their regret for time spent on digital devices in 2015.

Digging deeper to further understand exactly what they plan to cut down on, research discovered that 7% plan to watch less TV, 5% intend to reduce social media usage and 3% would even consider a complete detox were all technology is banned.

These numbers are particularly interesting, considering it’s almost impossible now to imagine many of our daily activities without digital at our disposal.

Research suggests that spending more time online doesn’t necessarily equate to a greater degree of happiness for many people. In fact, many of the people surveyed would rather hear less from friends and family online, in favour of spending more quality time together offline.

As consumers become pickier about who and what they pay attention to online and off, digital marketers must evaluate how they choose to engage with audiences online. It’s time to ask whether marketing messages are interesting or irritating, chatty or over-communicative? If your social chatter is not relevant, timely, reactive or engaging, your audience will simply switch off, or find content elsewhere.

Tighter targeting and relevant communication is essential if we are to cut through the noise and deliver tangible results.

Are you planning to undertake a digital detox this year? Let us know why you’re taking time out in the comments below!

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