Examining the self for successful digital transformation
Driven by growing user expectations for stronger digital experiences, there’s little doubt that digital transformation is high on the corporate agenda.

A survey carried out by Cisco revealed that 86% of manufacturers view the transition from product-centric to service-oriented models as a core part of their forecasted growth strategies. A further 79% of those questioned believe that digital will have a significant impact on their organisations over the next three years. However, many are either struggling with the transition to digital, or are simply not moving fast enough.

Despite assistance from the Government in driving organisations towards digital, many are still reticent to change. Many presume the uptake will be too severe, the processes required to grand or time-consuming. However, this is largely not the case, and many can start their journey towards digital transformation by looking a little closer to home.

Looking within to drive necessary change

Organisations of all sizes and from all sectors are capable of using technology to improve how they do business with systems and processes available to them that can genuinely empower their consumers and employees.

From the start of the transformation, regular engagement should be a core activity. An organisation’s employees are integral to any user-focused design – in the same way many invest in external research and user testing to help shape the future of a product or service. The same attention should be paid to the behaviour, requirements and insights retained by members of your own team.

In the main, internal digital transformation should be focused on productivity and performance. Technology impacts every person and every role within an organisation, and productivity and performance can often be restricted by older processes and legacy technology.

The current wave of cloud-based products (aided in the UK by the work of the Crown Commercial Service’s Digital Marketplace and G-Cloud framework) and other digital services enable forward-thinking organisations to embrace and craft positive digital experiences that not only make it easier for individuals to work, but also make it more enjoyable, and more productive in the long term.

New technology can allow employees to work from multiple locations across multiple projects, access and manage content and monitor KPIs and other vital data at any time, from any device.

Connecting the digital dots

Data is at the heart of every digital transformation project, with many organisations striving to become insight-led. As platforms, tools and services become consolidated and connected, technology provides the ability to monitor and intrinsically measure every interaction, purchase and digital movement.

Critically, data provides the necessary tools for employees to measure and drive performance, often enabling creativity and innovation within their role.

Fulfilling the need for secure ecosystems

We regularly turn to systems in 2015, which means we must have access to secure and trusted ecosystems that start at the sensor and end with the user.

One of the most important elements of digital transformation is security. Security is not optional, but something that is fundamental in every process, project and task.

A tried-and-tested infrastructure is the foundation of trusted management, which enables device identification, authentication, end-to-end encryption, secure configuration management and secure rules and rights management.

Security in the digital age is something you must prepare for. If you fail to prepare for your digital transformation, then you must prepare to fail.

Taking the first steps towards digital transformation

Ultimately, it makes sense that digital transformation should start from within. By crafting new experiences backed by reputable technology, we enable individuals to focus on key aspects of business, empower and encourage performance, measure quality and drive innovation.The long term effect of this self-analysis will encourage enhanced user experiences, that in turn increase loyalty and encourage conversion.

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