Microsoft has officially discontinued support for Internet Explorer
Microsoft has officially discontinued support for its ubiquitous Internet Explorer browser, ceasing feature development and security support as it shifts its focus to Edge.

As of yesterday (January 12th), the global tech company will no longer provide security updates or technical support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10, leaving legacy users (estimated to be around 20% of the total browsing public) particularly vulnerable to malware and security threats.

Internet Explorer 11 will continue to be supported, and Microsoft is advising all IE users to upgrade to the latest version ASAP, or preferably switch to its next-gen browser, Edge which comes pre-bundled with Windows 10.

IE 11 is expected to remain afloat for some time, but the official line from Microsoft is that it is only intending to provide legacy support. Edge will be the default browser on all new Microsoft operating systems, spanning desktop, mobile and tablet.

You can check which version of Internet Explorer you are currently running by opening up the browser, clicking on the ‘Settings’ cog and selecting ‘About Internet Explorer’. To check for available updates, head to your system’s control panel and click ‘Windows Update’. Microsoft will be pushing out notifications to users shortly, with further information on upgrade options.

It is important to remember that there are many ways to move forward, but just one way to stand still, and doing so is dangerous in this ever-changing digital landscape. Nearly every site relies upon advanced web standards, and the vast majority of these don’t tend to play nice with older browsers.

No matter your occupation; casual browser, developer or SMB owner: you now need to be using a compliant browser built with the future in mind.

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