From the minute we wake up until the moment we hit the pillow, our phones are well within reach.
Whether we’re reading, placing an order or connecting with billions of like-minded individuals on social media, we rely on our phones to provide relevant content and services as and when we need them.

We’ve all read the stats by now: mobile is dominating, and shows no signs of slowing.

But are brands and SMEs really embracing the opportunities offered by mobile?

It’s down to us to leverage technology and capitalise on it, and the use of mobile functionality in the creation of meaningful experiences should be a goal for almost every organisation. Optimising your desktop presence is just the beginning of the process.

Looking at the bigger picture, there have been some excellent examples in recent months of work on mobile that haven’t just been about producing captivating experiences that surprise and delight, but serve a tangible purpose.

It’s all about finding ways of using the inherent capabilities of mobile devices beyond delivering information. That, you can do with print, simple display advertising and your website. Context is key here, and creating content for content’s sake is a waste of time.

Our point is that it mobile isn’t just about what services you can offer on-the-go; you should think about where the power of mobile can be used in order to push the utility envelope.

Actually offering something that your customers find genuinely useful? That’s where mobile, and mobility, lead the way.

Are you considering bringing mobile into the mix, but a little unsure of where to begin? Connect with us today to discuss your options.

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