Without action, data is just a flurry of disjointed numbers.
Data aggregation alone will not lead to insight. Data backed by a clear hypothesis and placed in the right context, on the other hand, will.

Clickstream (movement tracking) data can be incredibly valuable – providing insight about what users are actually doing whilst browsing.

With clickstream data, you can examine not only how users are interacting with your website, but also what they are doing before and after they arrive.

The information gathered is based on clicking behaviour, with records of click-throughs and URLs visited collated in the order they occurred – giving you valuable insight into the customer journey through a funnel and the wider user experience.

Rather than providing basic numbers of sessions or views, clickstream data reflects consumer activity and identifies areas you could improve upon, and where your competition may be doing better.

The insights gleaned from the data may not always match your initial hypothesis, but they are always useful – providing you ask the right questions.

No matter your digital outlook, it’s important that you don’t collect just data because numbers look good and are nice to fall back on. Instead, focus on collecting data that is directly tied to business objectives and KPIs. Identify what you want to learn, and focus on a specific subset.

By assessing online actions (clicks, history, purchases etc.) with clear end goals, you can reveal a world of insight into how users interact with not only your property, but your competition’s too.

Moving forward, you need to understand exactly what it is you want to investigate and how you can benefit from it.

We all need to look beyond numbers and patterns if we want to understand and connect with our users.

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