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It has been two years since the Digital by Default Service Standard was brought into effect by the Government. Since then, many have come to understand that digital transformation isn’t just about delivering online services, but how organisations think, operate and relate to citizens.

Ideally, the user experience should be viewed as a tool to drive development – resulting in benefits we are all searching for: greater efficiency, innovation and cost savings. The recently published Local Government Digital Service Standard clearly indicates further progress towards that goal.

So, how successful has the public sector been in achieving digital transformation?

In this infographic, digital experience specialist, Liferay presents the findings of a new national survey that sought to answer just that. The survey was conducted among more than 200 professionals, half of whom are currently working in local government.

From top ranking goals to the most challenging hurdles, it reveals common issues, but also striking differences in the progress the public sector as a whole is making towards digital transformation.

Digital transformation infographic

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