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The Association of Electoral Administrator's website displayed on desktop
A screenshot from the Assocation of Electoral Administrator's website

We originally delivered the site to AEA in 2015, and it continues to develop organically, introducing features and enhancements that encourage exploration and engagement. The mobile-friendly site is incredibly easy for the team to manage, technically future-proof and facilitates the delivery of AEA’s online activity.

Broadly speaking, the website can be viewed in two parts – areas for the public and a protected area for members. Since launch, the website has sparked thousands of conversations on its forums, and the team regularly create events, post vacancies, update members on pressing topics, upload resources and send out mailshots to subscribers.

The site is powered by WordPress, which provides many advantages, both functionally and for AEA’s ongoing requirements for the site. WordPress is an elegant and well-architectured content management system that is standards-compliant, widely supported and hugely extendable via its plugin repository, ensuring AEA has a digital home that will cater to their needs for many years to come.

Hivetalk Intranet

In 2018, we designed and built an intranet for AEA to help centralise their communication, foster collaboration and aid automisation. Our delivery team deployed our out-of-the-box intranet solution, Hivetalk, for the commission in a short space of time.

Key benefits for AEA

• Unified communication with employees via news items, blogs, comments and a staff form

• A central repository for documents and files

• Automated form submissions, including invoice and expense requests

• Ability to set and view working hours on a shared staff diary

• Protected areas for knowledge sharing with controlled access

• Synchronised members’ directory and events calendar

• Skype integration for one-to-one and conference virtual meetings

A screenshot from the Association of Electoral Administrator's intranet

With Hivetalk, the Association of Electoral Administrator’s employees can easily connect and collaborate, giving continuity for the work they do together. Hivetalk makes it easier for staff members to communicate, provides the ability to house files in one place, set and view working hours, initiate Skype business calls and automate business processes.



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