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Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust intranet on multiple devices


The development of the intranet was upheld by a comprehensive discovery phase, which allowed our team to review the Trust’s existing intranets, analyse requirements for the new platform and work with focus groups to engage staff in the process, primarily through card sorts, workshops, tree testing and first click testing. These activities provided input into the intranet’s branding, core functionality and information architecture.

Connect proposed a clean, visually appealing and flexible intranet with low maintenance overheads that successfully reflects the Trust’s values. The finalised intranet provides clear signposting to information, and is supported by a contemporary user interface, enabling the Trust to maximise employee engagement.

A powerful, scalable intranet

We implemented Umbraco as the content management system for Frimley Health’s new intranet. Tasks included:

•  Creating flexible page templates  •  Ensuring the intranet is optimised for mobile, tablets and all major browsers 

•  Implementing a sophisticated staff directory  •  Implementing smart search functionality 

•  Development of a news area to display content, media and comments  •  Implementing tag functionality 

•  Development of a secondary news hub to display location-specific information  •  Ensuring adherence to W3C Accessibility Guidelines

With Umbraco’s open source roots, and the hard work of our developers, we made sure the system is extendible and intuitive for editors. Flexibility is maximised through a set of flexible templates within the CMS, which also allows for an unlimited number of users.

Prior to launch, Connect delivered training to the Trust, covering core Umbraco functionality and best practices to ensure all members of staff get the most out of the intranet and continue to add to the platform’s bank of knowledge.

In keeping with a set timescale, we delivered the flexible, user-friendly intranet platform Frimley Health sought, and the Trust is now actively extending it. The intranet provides a central place for over 9,000 staff to collaborate and communicate efficiently, irrespective of their location or device type.



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