Boost your agility with a headless CMS

Our decoupled and headless CMS solutions separate content management from delivery, giving you a platform-agnostic way of presenting content across multiple channels and devices.

Our solutions use well-supported open source systems for back-end content management. We work with WordPress and Umbraco, giving our clients a powerful feature set for controlling their content repository.

Decoupled CMS or Headless CMS?

Before we explain the differences between the two, it’s important to acknowledge that most traditional content management systems are built as ‘coupled’. Coupled architecture combines everything in a single application: the content repository, back-end management interface, design templates and code.

Headless CMS

With a headless CMS, content is pulled into the publishing environment through an API. This makes the presentation layer more flexible, with content adapted to suit the technology used to retrieve and present content.

Decoupled CMS

With a decoupled CMS, editors make amendments in the content management environment and synchronise the changes with the content delivery environment. Our decoupled CMS solutions provide some limited front-end support, whilst allowing for front-end delivery layer separation through API calls.

The next generation of content management

Our decouples and headless CMS solutions offer true flexibility, providing organisations with a platform-independent method for cross-platform content delivery.

The outcome is both modular and efficient, enabling delivery both inside and outside the browser and allowing for an unlimited range of channels and devices to be targeted from a single content database.

Our solutions are tailored to your workflows, content structure, taxonomies and meta data. You can select from a variety of back-end content management features, with the system quickly configured to meet your requirements.

Sitting on our virtual, cloud-based infrastructure, content management can be carried out from any location, on any connected device, with the API providing versatile options for presenting your content.

Our service options include:

Cloud hosted

All of our decoupled and headless CMS solutions are available as UK-based, cloud hosted from our ISO 27001 accredited data centre. On-premise hosting is also available.

Back-end only CMS

A back-end only CMS comprises of a content database, open source CMS (your choice of WordPress or Umbraco) and RESTful API, available as headless or decoupled.

Front-end only content delivery system

A front-end only content delivery system uses API calls to retrieve content. Available in a range of technologies appropriate to the channels and devices being targeted, e.g. Cordova, Xamarin, CodeIgniter, dotNET MVC with C#, HTML, JavaScript.

End-to-end solution

An end-to-end solution comprises of a headless or decoupled CMS (your choice of WordPress or Umbraco), RESTful API and a separated front-end content delivery layer.


Key benefits of our decoupled and headless CMS solutions

✔️  Rapid content delivery to one or more channels from a single source

✔️  Implementation of API to deliver content to your channels

✔️  Manage your content through an easy-to-use, well-supported CMS

✔️  Enhanced security

✔️  Infinitely scalable with high availability

✔️  Futureproof solution integrates easily with new technologies

✔️  Supports your content workflow


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