Our Website Migration service allows organisations to migrate their website, service or intranet from a proprietary content management system to an open source platform, such as WordPress or Umbraco.

The web evolves at breakneck speed; requirements change, systems reach end-of-life and strategies have to adjust to keep pace – all of which can make website migration a necessity.


Migrating your website to a new content management system may seem like an intimidating task, but, by working with a proven partner, you can confidently embrace forward-looking technology, provide a rewarding experience for your users and ensure your website is flexible enough to thrive in this dynamic digital environment.

When we’re appointed to migrate a website to a new content management system, we opt for an open source solution. Open source content management systems are known for their ease of use, help to reduce costs and guarantee no supplier tie-in going forward. We make use of WordPress and Umbraco CMS, and we will work with you to identify the system best suited to your needs.

At the start of each Website Migration project, we perform a series of checks in order to analyse the structure and performance of the current environment. Next, we produce a document that elicits requirements, and a mapping of content from the old site to the new.

Once we have configured the new platform, we execute our website migration plan, which includes site spidering, secure file management and a number of automated and manual processes. We make use of a dedicated virtual server for hosting, ensuring uninterrupted migration to an ISO 27001-certified host facility that supports your business continuity plan.

User Acceptance Testing allows you to review the migrated data. Once made available to you for testing, we provide 45 days support during which we work with you to confirm the system complies with the agreed specification and, if not, resolve any issues at no extra cost.


We support the following migration methods:

Identical Website Migration

Where information architecture, content and data attributes are all retained.

Partial Website Migration

Where some aspects of the existing site are to be retained.

Reordered Migration

Where the existing information architecture is not to be retained.

Key benefits of our Website Migration service

Fully-managed migration with clear project documentation

Implementation of open source technology with no license fees

Uninterrupted migration allows for ‘business as usual’ throughout

Separate staging environment created for testing

Migration handled by our expert technical team

Retain current search engine performance

ISO 9001-certified with well-defined deliverables

Inclusive hosting & support packages available

Case study

London Ambulance Service

London Ambulance Service appointed us to migrate their website from a legacy content management system to WordPress – the web’s most popular CMS.

WordPress provides the ambulance service with dedicated areas for managing content, media and documents via a role-based interface, allowing teams to take ownership of the site.

Read the project case study

Screenshot of London Ambulance Service website on tablet device


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