Before we publish anything on the Connect blog, we take a minute to optimise URLs for both our readers and for search engines. It’s a best practice that has withstood Google’s algorithm changes over the years, and something you can’t gloss over.

Whilst URL structure shouldn’t the be-all and end-all of your SEO efforts, using SEO-friendly URLs on your site can give you an edge over your competitors in search. That’s got to be worth the minute that it takes to optimise, surely?

So, what does a search-friendly URL look like?

There are a few things that go into the structure of an SEO-friendly URL. For example, research shows that shorter URLs tend to rank higher on Google’s search results pages. If you include one or two keywords in your URL, you’ll likely see a slight rankings boost.

Check out this infographic from Backlinko and Ignite Visibility to learn how to create URLs that Google (and humans) love:

Infographic displaying URL structure tips for SEO success

Do you need help optimising your site’s URLs for search?

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