Data and quantitative analysis underpin the entire business landscape, but it’s in design and digital marketing where their potential is fully realised.

By opening up big opportunities, data has become a currency of its own. It allows businesses to better identify their consumers and engage with them in more meaningful ways.

This is partly because the brand/consumer relationship has changed. Today, consumers are far more engaged and informed; they can access information much quicker, particularly via mobile. Consequently, expectations are higher. Businesses have to work hard to stay relevant – making access and information accuracy vital.

As a result, data has become an indispensable tool, helping business owners and webmasters with three key things: improving insights, targeting and the ability to measure results.

Insights cover a huge spectrum of information, from understanding the apps consumers use most, to their purchasing behaviour. These insights can help to confirm assumptions or reveal new, previously unearthed patterns and trends.

Targeting is where data really comes into its own. This can lead to a clearer view of the consumer, and that increases the chance to deliver the most relevant message. A data-driven decision is far more likely to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Once you’ve gathered your insights and acted, you have to know if your work has delivered. For example, ads can offer a short engagement boost, but measurement is the critical step to determining true performance.

We’ve entered the world of data, but now it’s about making numbers actionable. We have to unite data, content and technology to achieve success.

If you’re looking to redesign your website, or perhaps venture into the world of digital for the very first time, then data should back absolutely every key decision you make.

Understanding your audience comes first, but using that information to create valuable and empowering experiences is the true path to greater business return.

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