In just under 5 months, Periscope has attracted over 10 million users to its bustling live streaming platform. Will Periscope continue to reign streaming supreme? Or is another social competitor already lying in wait?


Twitter’s entry into the live streaming game appears to be paying off, as the company announced that Periscope currently has 10 million registered accounts. And while those 10 million accounts, registered on both iOS and Android devices, don’t indicate that the service has 10 million active users (many could be one-and-done dormant accounts), the number is nevertheless a healthy early signal that, four months post-launch, Periscope was probably a wise bet for Twitter.

“In short order, Periscope snagged 1 million users, just 10 days after its launch. Since then, the once blazing-hot live streaming app, Meerkat has largely been quiet in terms of chatter on Twitter (at least compared to its beginnings). Where that will leave small upstarts, like Meerkat, will likely be determined by which platform hosts the next unexpected, live streaming social media phenomenon.

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Periscope’s impressive sign-up numbers equate to over 40 year’s worth of visual content being streamed on a daily basis


Periscope founder, Kayvon Beykpour jumped on a Periscope live stream last week to announce that the company reached a significant milestone on August 2, just over four months after launch.

“The significant milestone, Beykpour said, is the total time users spend watching content on Periscope on a daily basis. The CEO said users now watch an average of 40 year’s worth of live streams every single day. That total only counts iOS and Android users; with streams from the web not counting in the stats. Replays are not counted, either.

“Beykpour said: “There’s no better metric at this moment in time that illustrates whether people like and are engaged with using Periscope.

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The team hopes its transparency with registration data will encourage natural development

We hope this was helpful information to share. It’s most reflective of the value we’re creating for people and the world. Most importantly, we want Periscopers to know and feel that they’re contributing to a growing ecosystem. And we want people to know that the Periscope team is measuring itself in a way that aligns with the value that the community gets from Periscope. We will continue to be transparent about what we think and why, and you should hold us to that. If there are other areas of our product or focus that we should be more transparent about, please tell us!

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The platform may be leading the live streaming pack for now, but what, or who, lurks around the corner?

Periscope is winning the social live streaming race by a wide margin, if new data from Adobe Systems can be believed. Adobe’s Digital Index report shows that Periscope live streams are getting a lot more mentions on social networks compared to Meerkat streams.

Adobe Digital Index’s Principal Analyst Tamara Gaffney said: “I call it a knockout in the first round.”

What’s more, Periscope is still growing. Mentions of Periscope streams have doubled since the service launched its Android app in May. Still, Gaffney cautioned that Twitter shouldn’t celebrate just yet, since social live streaming is still an unproven medium with no clear business model attached to it. “It will take a while to be worth anything to markets,” she added.

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Has Periscope hit a social home run? Or will Facebook’s impending venture into live streaming rock Periscope’s seemingly stable streaming boat?

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