Over 60% of online shoppers begin their hunt for a product with a search engine, so it’s easy to see why you want to invest in search engine optimisation.

But as the owner of an e-commerce website, you only have so many hours in the day, and you may think SEO is a challenge too far.

We say: don’t be overwhelmed by SEO – it’s all about making incremental changes in order to see strong gains on search. You may think that some of the techniques are outside your area of expertise, but they’re easy to grasp with the right mind set and goals.

When SEO is done right, you will see an increase in traffic, which will lead to more conversions and repeat visitors. Remember, if you’re missing out on clicks, you’re missing out on sales.

It’s best to think about things simply: be search engine friendly at all times. By establishing basic groundwork, you can cut down on the amount of time required on future optimisation.

SEO can be boiled down to five key components:

  • Conducting basic research around your products and competitors
  • Optimising pages to attract customers, not just Google
  • Making sure your website is fast, mobile and accessible to all
  • Providing high-quality, unique content
  • Making sure websites link to you and you link and reach out to other reputable websites


Being search engine friendly from the get-go costs less, reduces ongoing maintenance and risk, and puts you in front of your audience.

The goal is to create practical rules that you can rely on. If you’re a one-man band, it’s not feasible to spend hours writing blog posts or doing keyword research for every product. However, by targeting the components listed above, you’ll have an e-commerce website that appeals to both search engines and people – not just what Google deems to be flavour of the month.

In the long run, it isn’t just about how high you rank for your chosen keywords – it’s about how you attract, educate and convert. And that’s what being search engine friendly helps with.

We’re an award-winning digital agency with extensive SEO knowledge and expertise, so whether you need help building up user reviews, optimising pages or pulling users back into the purchase funnel through recovery marketing – we can help you thrive.

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